Together, we reinvent your processes with our Microwave and Radio Frequency solutions since 1978

Mastered technology with unlimited applications

Microwave and radio frequency energies have been used by the food processing industry since the 1970s for cooking or tempering deep frozen products. Recent advances have opened up new applications for pasteurizing, disinsectisation, drying and boost heating certain ingredients. Adapted solutions exist for dry goods, liquid and pastes, processed food or ready-to-eat meals.


The years following saw the development of new industrial applications, mainly in heating and drying processes, with incomparable results in terms of speed, quality control, process repeatability and energy control.


Today, new horizons are opening up with the generation of plasma by microwaves, allowing science to reach new levels in plasma homogeneity, density and size. SAIREM’s microwave generators and plasma sources offer unprecedented performance in synthetic diamond growth, thin film deposition, nitridation, microelectronics, optics …

Innovations to improve your industrial process

Innovation has always been at the heart of SAIREM’s strategy. Since 1978, the company has massively invested in R&D and developed new solutions to optimize your processes.


Today SAIREM is one of the few companies to master both microwave and radio frequency (RF) technologies, capitalizing on the strengths and benefits of each of these technologies. With in-depth knowledge and hands-on industrial experience in product transformation with all ISM wavelengths, our experts can quickly and competitively develop the best process and special machine for your factory, taking into account the nature of each product, its permittivity at various wavelengths and the quantity to be processed.

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